i.Bou-GHS_ML (multi-language version), is a package software, in use for the mixture of chemicals in compliance with the laws and specifications of all countries in creating "GHS classification", "SDS Authoring", and "GHS label data generation ".


We want to create in-house rather than outsourcing multilingual SDS!
Create SDS and issue GHS label at the same time!
It is a stand-alone package software with the answer to your request  for "function, performance, and ease of use"

With the linking function s of the label printing software (FLPS FA Pro) manufacturered by Nihon Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. it can be easily even to do the "multi-color printing plural countries side-by-side displayed label" which is an increasing trend in recent years

Since the issue for SDS is of a small number, for customers who do not have the need big enough buy the software to create by themselves, it is more convenient to use the service provided by our company to create SDS & GHS label on behalf of the customers.

Homepage creation services are also available upon demand. They can be made not only in Japanese, but also English and Chinese. For instance, Homepages in Chinese languages can be a made to appeal for attracting the tourist travelers from such as mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.